Best Marketing Campaign

New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year


New Zealand Geographic needed something ‘big’ to attract both additional advertising revenue into the magazine and to generate additional consumer awareness. They saw an opportunity to extend the magazines reach through taking an exhibition of awarded finalists on the road for a free public outdoor exhibition.


In 2013, the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year competition was taken to new heights of reach and engagement through the creation of a free touring public exhibition and using
this touring exhibition to drive engagement through consumer voting, social media (improved), and expert sessions (new). 

The two month-long, free outdoor public exhibitions developed for Christchurch and Auckland were prominently positioned to capture foot traffic.


The New Zealand Geographic 2013 Photographer of the Year competition was an enormous success, enabling the magazine to achieve both advertising revenue and consumer marketing aims through the production and marketing of an engaging touring exhibition that showcased the brand depth to high numbers of our target audience.

Circulation performance in 2013 outstripped that of the market. New Zealand Geographic’s total circulation (retail and subscriptions) held steady with audited circulation up 0.9% for the 2013 calendar year compared with the market which was down 9%*

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