Free SOA and data cleansing

4 Jun

We’ve had no joy from the Govt so far on MPA lobbying for a magazine postal subsidy -  and the latest NZ Post price hikes take effect from next month.

Most publishers are looking at increases of 3 to 6 per cent in their subscriber mailout costs.  

The one small piece of good news is that as an MPA member you qualify for free SOA certification and data cleansing, so you can make sure you get the cheapest possible rate. Details on how to access this are below.

The price increases are part of a number of changes that will impact on your subscriber mailouts from July 1.

 If, like most of our members, you use Print Post mail out to your subscribers, NZ Post are asking that, with every mailing after July 1, you give them you give them a LDF (this is a file containing the addresses of all the mags that you’re sending. It will match the addresses printed on your magazines).  Click here for information on how to do this.

Publishers who have been using Volume Post or Go Flexible for bulk mail will already be providing a LDF for these lodgments.

The new requirement to supply a LDF for Print Post gives NZ Post a chance to trial a new system, to kick in from next February, where LDF will be used to assess address accuracy, replacing the current system of SOA certification.

For now though, you still need to do SOA certification. To get the cheapest postal rate, you want the highest certification – which means your address data should be as clean as possible. 

NZ Post has said it will provide MPA members free subscriber base cleaning and SOA certification for one year based on the cleaned data.. You must be a current member to take advantage of this offer. Data cleaning usually costs $0.05 cents per record processed. SOA certification costs $250 plus GST. To register for your free data clean and SOA certification, follow the steps below….

STEP ONE: Uploading Subscriber Data Files

The following is a guide on how to UPLOAD large files that are sent by New Zealand Post to use the SFTP method.
Please note you will need to use the following Username and password

MPA Member Password:  k3$?^nbe4

Click here for guide

Important Note:
Once you have completed the data upload, you will need to email the NZ Post Data Team ([email protected].) to let them know your data is awaiting cleaning.

The Data Cleaning Process

NZ Post take the source data (to cleanse) and the first part of the process identifies any issues with the data (records that are 'failing'),
There is then a second run-through that fixes issues where NZ Post can (fix); then the SOA is run against the cleansed output.

STEP TWO: Downloading Subscriber Data Files Once Cleaned from NZ Post

The following is a guide on how to DOWNLOAD large files sent by New Zealand Post to publishers using the SFTP method.
All data Files need to be submitted to NZ Post by 30 June 2020.

Click here to for guide