Membership benefits

The benefits of membership include, but are not limited to:

  • Learn by networking with a wide variety of industry players and providers
  • Stay in touch with industry issues that will affect your business
  • Access MPA content that is restricted to members only, such as latest research, news, articles, presentations
  • Receive invitations to educational events and conferences
  • Be recognised at MPA’s annual Magazine Awards
  • Contribute your opinions and ideas to the industry; have input into crucial policy decisions
  • Receive MPA advocacy at Government regulatory level, and in the business community


  • Increase magazines’ share of advertising dollars, and readers’ time and money
  • Recognise and Promote industry Excellence through New Zealand magazine awards
  • Provide relevant Education and Training for those entering, or already working within, the industry
  • Collate and disseminate research and information that has either been specifically commissioned for the MPA, or obtained through relationships within NZ and overseas


The MPA’s elected Executive Board is a unified and independent voice representing the NZ magazine industry to consumers, advertisers, agencies and retailers